@kobesmagic: Famous OG Biko, Inutak, Biko Bibingka, Palitaw, Bilo Bilo

@kobesmagic: Famous OG Biko, Inutak, Biko Bibingka, Palitaw, Bilo Bilo

After a long day of work, it’s very enticing to eat comfort food that’s a traditional Pinoy merienda – kakanin!

I remember that back in the day, we make sure to wait for kuya vendor so we can buy kakanin for our merienda in the province. I’m glad that it’s very accessible now as you can even order kakanin online! @kobesmagic is my favorite go-to store where you can buy all those mouth watering kakanin that you can name of. I’ve tasted their famous biko, inutak, biko-bibingka, palitaw, bilu bilo plus they also have these equally tasty palabok which is my personal favorite and pancit sisig!

Summer means more family time and it means more food bonding with the family! Order online and have a taste of the magic @kobesmagic 🤤🤤🤤

As the economy is going back to normal, let’s continue to #supportlocal food industry and other #smallbusiness! This is definitely ☑️#rdapproved

You can message their socials below to order 👇


Source: ardeclaratives.com

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