@kobesmagic: Kakanin Quiz: How Well Do You Know Filipino Rice Cakes?

@kobesmagic: Kakanin Quiz: How Well Do You Know Filipino Rice Cakes?

From puto to puto bumbong, bibingka to kalamay.

Enjoyed as merienda, dessert, or sometimes even breakfast, kakanin is an important family of dishes in Filipino cuisine. While many of these rice cakes may be found throughout the archipelago, some are hyper-regional and rarely found beyond their originating province. Others have taken a life of their own, producing endless delicious variations to discover. Learn more about Filipino Kakanin here:



Perhaps the stickiest and sweetest of the bunch, kalamay is a simple blend of rice flour, coconut milk and/or cream, and muscovado sugar. When enjoyed warm (or even hot), it is notably viscous, almost like a thick latik syrup. Alternatively, it can be sliced into individual portions like a cake when allowed to cool. 

Flavoured with shredded gabi or taro, kalamay gabi is a striking white in comparison, sweetened with white sugar instead of muscovado to retain its colour, while kalamay ube is flavoured with grated ube and also uses white sugar to encourage a vibrant purple colour.


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