@kobesmagic: Never Halt, Herald Food Corporation launched the Corner Project

@kobesmagic: Never Halt, Herald Food Corporation launched the Corner Project

KobesMagic Kakanin, is one of the stalls of Corner Project and owned by Ms. Karlyn Canon “I loved kakanin, since I was Kid” she said, we always visit nearby provinces to buy and try. The Pandemic gives her the opportunity to cook her own version of kakanin and sell it to friends and families. Kobes Magic name comes from the nickname of both my sons. They serve the best kakanin would everyone may taste and enjoy it. The price range to PhP99.00 – PhP499.00 only.

Jeremiah 29 11 Corporation, A company that is proudly Filipino owned, has been in service in the diet food industry for seven (7) years now and through its experience, allowed the company to further grow and expand its offerings. It started with Yummy Diet, one of the pioneers of diet food delivery service in the country, followed by our acquired diet food brand, Smart Meals, also a healthy diet brand that is more affordable yet classy.

Both brands provide our clients with calorie-counted meals with detailed macros corresponding with quality brands that are researched by our team of in-house Nutritionists/Dietitians, and a carefully planned menu by our group of experienced chefs. As it progresses, the company expanded into non-diet food business yet mainting the same approach of food handling and branding with quality, efficiency, and sophistication. Such business ventures include One Shepered – a trading and distribution company.

All together, we operate as one to achieve our vision of creating change through food.

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